UNBELIEVABLE Things Banned In China !

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There’s over 1.3 billion people living in China right now and you might be surprised by a few of the things that are against the law. From various people and even film stars who’ve been banned to some of our favorite websites, here are 14 unbelievable things Banned in China

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5. South Koreans.
In case you thought trump was the only person to try to ban people from their country, think again. The whole world has bans on each other and you better believe people from south korea aren’t welcome in China. While many strange things might allowed in this country. There’s still a beef with South Korea after China has showed dedication to supporting North Korea in the Korean war. On top of it, america and south korea have notoriously be been pushing boundaries with military bases and various radar detection systems that China hasn’t been too fond of. The politicians here kind of sees this rightfully as an act of aggression or suspicion on not only their allies but them as well. It’s the controversial project known as THAAD or thermal high altitude area defence. It’s almost like your Only just recently in 2017, travel agencies will allow some south koreans to enter, but we imagine they’re keeping a close eye on them. China has also banned much media from the the South as Well.

4. Smoking and Drinking
New strict guidelines have been places on these vices in China due to health concerns on the public. There are an estimated 68 percent of the male population who smoke and China claims there was at least 1 million deaths related to smoking there in the past year. There has certainly been much stricter rules lately having to deal with the portrayal of smoking or drinking in their media. Alcohol is also banned here but as we know, making something banned like booze, usually leads to underground markets. Some sources claim this was done in order to keep their military in better shape because they were started to all become alcoholics.

3. Youtube
The people of China may never get to legally hear american eye’s zombie apocalypse survival tips which is rather unfortunate. That means American Eye is banned in China! Not only has China banned google and everything relating too google. This took place in 2009 and is still unfortunately in effect. Some claim as though this was an economic boycott in order to try take away some power from the internet mega power that is google. Youtube has had a pretty dominant role around the world in the video sharing department and China won’t let them become too powerful. So 1.3 billion people in China, there is ton of money to be made from ads in this country but google tends to prefer taking over western markets such as Europe and North America. This would also mean a lot more videos on the internet in chinese so google makes their choices carefully.

2. Mongolians
China built a great wall to keep these nomads out! Those dang mongolians though kept tearing down the wall anyways and were able to take over plunder the country. Of course, in modern times they are no longer banned and mongolians are still living here. Roughly 5.8 million mongols are living along the northern border of China. While mandarin Chinese is the official
language here, the mongols still use their traditional language and show off their skills in horseback riding and might live in traditional yurts. Things were also just a tad tense when the mongols chose to work with the soviets in russia and not the Chinese. After China has invested a little money in Mongolian infrastructure in modern times, they’ve been a little more leanants on the northern border.

1.Facebook, Instagram, Twitter
There are a lot of american websites that are banned in China but some of the most notable ones are the social medias. If you’re apart of the ban facebook movement, china is one step ahead of you. It’s already banned there but they use a different social media known as We Chat or Sina Weibo which as all more strictly monitored by government officials. There’s basically a chinese version of every social media that we have so it wouldn’t make sense for them to allow mark zuckerberg to sneak in here.

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