TOP 10 FBI’s Most Wanted List

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From high ranking cartel leaders to criminals who’ve been on the run for decades evading authorities, here are the top ten FBI’s most wanted List.

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4. Eduardo Ravelo
Also known as “Tablas”, the FBI is offering up to 100,000 dollars for information leading to his arrest or conviction. Not only is he a highest ranking capo of the Barrio Azteca Gang and is the shotcaller of their criminal enterprise. A US citizen and consulate worker got caught up in the crossfire while driving through Juarez Mexico for a birthday party. Leslie Enriquez who was pregnant and her husband were shot down senselessly and it’s believed that Eduardo had something to do with it. Authorities want to take out this criminal hopes of bringing and end to violence along our borders and bring justice for Leslie and her family. Getting him off the streets will make the world a safer place. The crime took place about 7 years ago and with it being a high profile US government worker, he can expect some extra heat from the US government. It’s believed he may have had plastic surgery to alter his appearance but his tattoos might be what gets him turned in. You can see from the photo his tats pretty much take up his entire upper body and he most likely wouldn’t remove it due to his close ties to the gang.

3. Santiago Villalba Mederos
He’s the newest addition the FBI’s most wanted list and the FBI is looking for your help to bring him to prison. Also knowns as Pucho and Stretch, The FBI is certainly after this next criminal after committing on random victims driving a car in Tacoma, Washington. Up to a 100,000 dollar reward is available for his arrest as well and he’s the top criminal in the pacific northwest. He’s only 26 years old now but when he was 19 when he pulled the trigger on two separate occasions. Bred in the United States, he’s believed to be an active gang member in the East Side Lokotes Surenos gang and speaks perfect english. Thing gang has terrorized the state of washington and recently, members were put in jail who were charged with drive bys. Getting Santiago off the streets will certainly cool things down a bit. He’s believed to be of slender build at about 5 foot 11 inches tall. His tatoos are also noticeable with the letter S on his shoulder. Considering how young he was, it’s very possible he’s committed more serious crimes that haven’t been noticed yet. So keep your eye out.

2 Jason Derek Brown
In NOvember of 2004, Jason Derek Brown attacked armed vehicle full of cash in Phoenix Arizona, killed the security guard and took off. He’s been on the run ever since with the loot and has seemingly disappeared off the face of the planet. He speaks French fluently and has a master’s degree in international business. As apart of the the Latter Day saints community originally, he served his mission in paris, France and has a good ability to adapt to different countries. He might be seen showing off his fancy cars or boats and gloating at nightclubs. It certainly hasn’t been easy to find him due to his international skills and it’s very possible he could be hiding out in Europe. Due to his elusiveness, the FBI is bumping up the reward to up to 200,000 dollars for any info on his whereabouts which will lead to his arrest.

1. Rafael Caro Quintero
Before you become an undercover agent, just keep in mind, the job can put your life in risk, especially when dealing with the cartel. The largest reward reward so far, the FBI is willing to give up 20 million dollars for information leading to the arrest and/or conviction of Rafael Caro Quintero. He’s wanted for the , kidnapping and torture of DEA agent. Not only that but he’s playing a godfather type leadership role of the Sinaloa Cartel and he’s made a lesson clear he has no tolerance for any informants. That’s possibly why the reward is so high in comparison to other criminals. He felt as thought the DEA informant was responsible for various raids on his organization and plantations. This all took place back in 1985 and despite trying to get help from the local government, the US is still looking for him. He has close ties to Guadalajara, Jalisco, and could also be in Costa Rica. He might not be in his physical prime any more but him and his crew could be some of the most dangerous men in the world. At about 65 years old, he has a tall slender build at about 6 foot, 170

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