Secrets and Rumors of the White House

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1600 Pennsylvania Avenue, Washington DC is where you’ll find this amazing yet mysterious building. From the time our white house was basically a zoo in the early 1900’s to the time it was nearly burnt to the ground. Here are 12 secrets of the white house.

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5. Monica Lewinsky’s Aftermath
WE might be familiar with some of the secrets about bill clinton and Monica lewinksy that came out but maybe you didn’t know some of the items involved were on sale. Some lingerie can get pretty expensive as it is. But if it was involved with a presidential scandal, it could considered a piece of history and sold for a large amount of dough. As part of a 33 piece collection from the scandal that was used as evidence of the affair, it sold for about $ 12,000. Monica sold it herself and said she expected to get more like $50,000 for the collection. This black night gown was among some of the items but also included letters exchanged between the two. But the infamously stained blue dress was not sold. Hillary clinton was said to be so distraught about the situation, that she called an usher to escort her to pool. She didn’t want to be seen by any one inside white house. The usher surprisingly succeeded in this task. When she made it there she cried and thanked him for taking there. Whether or not she got revenge at this pool, who knows. Some believe after the scandal, that hillary threw a lamp at bill clinton after blood was discovered.

4. The White House Was Burnt
Many people who haven’t studied history too closely might be surprised to learn that the British almost completely destroyed the white house in 1814. This was in retaliation for an attacked mustered up by the Americans in Canada back during the war of 1812. Safe to say, they got us pretty good. Luckily our president had fled south to maryland and hid out for a while. Soldiers hung out here for a while and used white house dishes for a quick meal, then they got to lighting some fire. A great amount of damage was done, and it could have been completely destroyed if the fires weren’t stopped by a huge thunderstorm. Some feel as though this thunderstorm was some kind of divine intervention so american could maintain their independence!

3. Abraham Lincoln’s Ghost
With all the historical legends surrounding the white house, it shouldn’t come as a huge surprise that many think this place is haunted. Winston Churchill was the first to believe after he saw lincoln’s ghost chilling by the fire place during his visit to 1600 Pennsylvania avenue. Winston had just gotten out of the bathtub and was quite startled when he thought he saw someone with a long beard there. Winston didn’t realize it but he was staying in what’s now known as Lincoln Bedroom.

2. Pikachu Intrusion
Some people just think they can roam around the white house as they please. Despite our tax dollars paying for it, we can just walk around like we own the place. In one of the more recent and comical white house intrusions was in 2014. This photo here captured the tense moment when secret service approched him with automatic weapons drawn and a guard dog on a leash. The anime fan got some harsh treatment from the secret service and some force looked possibly unnessary. But if you’re crazy enough to walk on the white house lawn with a pikachu hat, who knows what else you’re capable. This guy here on social media even claims he was holding on to a pikachu stuffed animal as well. Did they just catch an assassin or what?

1. Secret Underground Tunnels
The white house could seeming just be one giant tourist trap facade and all the actual business could be going on right underneath. With such an important person like the president living within its walls, some security measures have been made in order to be prepared for various scenarios. A secret staircase in the oval office is available to the president when an escape is necessary. It leads to elevator which then gets him to the passageway which is located in the residential basement. You can also find the tunnel that connects the US Treasury Building to the east wing basement which was constructed by president Delano Roosevelt as a air raid shelter.

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