DIRTIEST Places in The World !

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Germs are virtually everywhere and they keep on getting more advanced each day. Some place though might just be best to try to avoid. Whether it’s the paper money that passes hands each day, to some of the worst polluted bodies of water, here are the dirtiest places in the world.

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5. Outdoor Music Festivals
We’re not saying you should totally give up on life and choose to live in a bubble because you’re afraid of getting sick but after woodstock, people who attend music festival haven’t totally gotten the reputation of being the cleanest people out there. It’s not even just the hippies you have to worry about. Many have also considered the wristbands that are completely riddled with germs. The bands tend to attract microbes linked to staph infection like a magnet and you should probably take them off as soon as you no longer need them. Oh yeah and the festivals that take place in south korea can get pretty dirty too.

4. Oscar Wilde’s Grave
If you’ve been to the Pere lachaise cemetery in Paris, you might understand why this one is a little bit dirty. Similar to the blarney stone in Ireland, tourists put on their brightest red lipstick and give the tomb of oscar wilde un gros bisous. Fans might look for a spot that doesn’t have lipstick to give it a kiss but something just seems off about doing this to gravestone? There are probably over 1000 kiss marks on this stone and we’re sure you’re aware how bacteria can linger from one spot to another. Romantic fact of the day: The human mouth contains billions of different of bacteria, about the equivalent number as domesticated dog. In fact dogs average about 600 types of bacteria in their mouth as opposed to humans 615 types on average. Tell that to your girlfriend before you give her a kiss.

3. Waterparks
You might remember growing up as a kid and being totally stoked about going to the waterpark. So many cool slides to choose from and so much bacteria to get contaminated with! It can be a very very slippery slope when it comes to waterparks and serious outbreaks have been known to occur here. One young girl caught the brain eating amoeba we mentioned earlier at a water park in Little Rock, arkansas and it’s hard to keep them completely germ-free. People taking the lazy river might get a little bit too lazy and not feel like getting up to go to the bathroom. Children who used swim diapers might not have them properly sealed and one thing can certainly lead to another. Waterpark employees often feel a little bit unforgettable emptying large amounts of chemicals in the water which has been known to be toxic enough to be harmful to the environment and wildlife

2. Hands Dryers
Could it possibly be true? Could the very thing we use to dry our hands after cleaning them, be full of bacteria. Some sites claim there isn’t enough evidence to fully prove that this has been concluded. Microbiology professors got to work with some swabs and some petri dishes and tried to see if they could colonize some fungus. It was unclear whether or not the microorganisms were harmful to humans but by the looks of it, we’d say yes. The professor, Nichole Ward, urged her class to share the findings on facebook and other social media to raise awareness. The photo went viral with many theories which would seem to gather support fairly quickly to use paper towels instead. Could this have been a marketing ploy by paper towel companies to help boost profits? It’s always possible. Studies were actually funded by hand drying companies in order to prove them wrong.

1.Fish Farms
Due to the rising demand in certain fish such as salmon and tilapia, fish are being bred in various fish farms around the world which microbiologists are beginning to worry about. You might not know for sure if your fish is raised on a farm or not but the farms are beginning to become home to super bacteria. Since the conditions are often poor, a large dosage of antibiotics are given to the fish which kill off a large majority of bacteria. However, the ones that do survive, reproduce which leads to antibiotic resistance. Once this happens, it may affect the food source

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