BIGGEST Badasses in American History !

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From some of the most infamous criminals throughout time, to the first heavyweight bare knuckle boxer here are the 10 biggest badasses in American History.

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5. Al Capone

4. John L. Sullivan
We might see UFC fighting today and think they’re pretty badass but back in the days when boxing was bare knuckled, things got a little out of control! John Sullivan is recognized as the first heavyweight boxing champion in the world and he got that title by kicking a lot of butt! Also known as the Boston Strongboy he boasts a record of 40 wins, one loss 2 draws and 1 no decision with an unbelievable total of 34 by knockout! It’s hard to say exactly how well he’d do in modern times but we bet most guys nowadays won’t go in the ring without people wearing gloves. He claimed he could “lick any man on earth” and not in the way you might be thinking. In any case though, he started off his career with 34 wins in a row. The only match he lost was by James J. Corbett in 1892. Some feel as though james wasn’t truly boxing that match and decided to use John’s weight problems against him by running around the ring until he got tired. He died a rich man in New England after years of neglecting his weight problem and overall health. If you look back and read some of his fight details, you’ll realize how dominant he actually was.

3. Alvin York
This american sergent is considered to be one of the most decorated of all US soldiers during the first world war in which he received the medal of honor for his selfless courage in France. Despite his platoon receiving heavy casualties, he lead a crazy attack on a german machine gun nest where they took out 25 men and captured 132 during this mission as well as 32 machine guns. He was originally against the violence of the war, but accepted his duties after being drafted. It was also stated that he took out a huge line of charging german soldiers with only his pistol. Being singled out as the best american soldier during the conflict, he became an international hero in France as well and gained celebrity status after time in the military.

2. George S. Patton
We all know it took guts, courage, strength and glory to win the 2nd of war of the world and luckily for us americans, our top general had all those qualities. Arlington Cemetary contains approximately 400,000 soldiers make up one of the biggest cemeteries in the country, with only the most badass americans being able to be buried there. This is where you’ll find the graves of American historical figures such as the tomb of John F. Kennedy, one of our most famous generals, George S. Patton, is located here as well as. In his earlier years, patton competed in marksman competitions, attended west point university, chased after the notorious pancho villa, got a purple heart in wwI and was an olympic athlete. He helped liberate france from occupation and defeated the massive german offensive in the battle of the bulge in eastern France. His role in taking down the fascists in italy was also quite notable. Patton and winston churchill were also rightfully suspicious of the soviets and wanted to go to war them immediately afterwards. This was known as operation unthinkable and it was a full blown plan on invading east europe. If you think about it, americans could have had the upper hand with the nuclear bomb. Some believe the russians knew about this plan and it lead to pattons assassination, but that’s just a conspiracy theory.

1.Chris Kyle
It’s never easy to choose the most badass person in the US but we might as well choose possibly the most prolific US sniper ever to take combat. Chris Kyle was a US navy seal during the Iraq War and although it wasn’t the most justified war in US history, Chris Kyle and our veterans displayed a great amount of courage and efficiency. In order for a sniper to be credited, they need a confirmation that someone had witnessed it take place. Christ had 150 confirmed kills according the pentagon and who knows how many unconfirmed took place. The previous american to hold the record only had 109 putting him at number one. As other badasses on this list, Kyle met his end from a cowardly act by a bullet to the back during a meeting at a firing range with a mentally ill former soldier.. As they say those who live by the gun, die by the gun.

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