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There might be people cruising down the streets trying to take selfies right now as we speak. Some people can’t seem to sort reality from what will look cool on social media, putting themselves in risky situations.

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7. Bear Selfies
Some people just don’t understand the dangerous situations they get themselves into while their judgement is being clouded with getting a good post. Getting mauled by a bear is never a good way to go so maybe he just figured why not? If he was gonna get attacked, at least the rangers can see he got a cool selfie in his phone right? In any case though, this guy scott levy survived a close encounter but others have not been so lucky. This video was posted also from india and it appeared as though the bear did not want to be apart of the photo. No redos for him.

6. Volcano Selfies
Volcano selfie can be dangerous for various reasons and tourists might tend to push it in some cases because you don’t often see molten lava on social media too often unless you’re visiting satan’s twitter page. During the recent eruption in Hawaii, officials had to warn people not to go take selfies or get too close to the lava! Seriously people. Some thrill seekers started a trend in hawaii called lava chasers who are basically people trying to take videos and photos of the aftermath. Even some geologists like this woman in the photo can resist a cool selfie. At least get a gas mask on so you don’t inhale too many toxic fumes and you should be okay. You have to wonder how close you can get before your phone starts melting!

5.Train Selfie
No one ever said taking awesome selfies was gonna be easy or safe in some cases. With so many selfies out there, you gotta find a way to make yours unique! We really hope this guy can see that an oncoming train is right behind him and he should definitely consider moving his car before it gets turned into a pancake. This man here from india was violating railway space for his dangerous selfie and actually survived to see his post get likes, but not without injuring his arm

4. Stalker Selfie
This next selfie you might not even know even know it’s dangerous, until it’s too late. You might just think you’re taking a normal self portrait but little did you know you gained the wrong follower. The lady in the car thought she was all alone and couldn’t wait to show her friends. After examining it later on, she saw this guy popping his head through the car headrest. Little did she know there was an unwanted guest in the backseat. Hopefully, from this selfie she knew to call police right away and could provide evidence of a stalker.

3. Crocodile Selfie
Assuming this is a life crocodile this man is putting his head in, we’d assume this is a pretty dangerous selfie to take. Or have crocodiles caught on with the trend of posting photos of their food online or what’s the deal?

2. Plane Crash Selfies
Typically after a plane crash takes place, most people are wondering how many likes they can get by taking selfies apparently. Surprisingly, somehow this guy managed to save his photo to take photos with it which seems like a feat on its own .This took place in the pacific ocean on a passenger flight off the shore of hawaii. Eventually he was rescued by the coast guard where he was probably able to get some more cool photos.

1. Baseball Games
WE really wouldn’t be too surprised if you told us more people were injured at baseball games after the invention of the baseball. One of the fun parts about watching the game there, is usually from the fact that you never know when you might get a souvenir! Selfies can be dangerous in more situations than you might believer. With balls and bats flying around over a hundred miles an hour, you really gotta pay attention to the game, especially when you’re sitting behind the dugout like this girl in the boston red sox jersey. A group of girls in this photo were criticized by the announcers at this diamondbacks game for taking tons of photos of themselves. They got lucky this time

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