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From the Miss Teen USA Hacker, to the FBI’s most wanted cyber criminals, you WON’T BELIEVE THE HACKER LIST WE HAVE FOR YOU TODAY !

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5. Wang Dong
Also known as Jack Wang or “ugly gorilla”, this man is also wanted by the FBI, this man is a chinese national and is accused of 31 counts of computer misconduct. This include charges such as conspiracy to commit computer fraud, accessing a computer without authorization for commercial use, damaging computers through transmission of codes, aggravated ID theft and of course espionage. It’s a long list and it’s getting to be a fishy situation with the Chinese government. He’s apart of the People’s liberation Army and he’s accused of being the guy behind the hacking operation against the US. This is one of a few cases china has put a cyber attack on China but there’s something different about this one. He’s gotten so confident that he’s basically identified himself and is egging on authorities to find him. Some believe he’s behind the intrusion of a nuclear power plant, as well as digging up confidential info from big US corporations. The main problem with that is that he’s probably in China and it’ll be really difficult to detain him

4. The Iranian Mabna Hackers
If a group of computer geniuses work as a team to cause total cyber chaos, the results can be quite frightening for US security. We got the Chinese hacking us and also the Iranians so maybe we need try to work some things out with these countries. There are currently 9 iranian citizens who are being searched after by the FBI right now and each one is an independent contractor working for the Iranian government. The amount of damage caused and information stolen is beyond belief. 144 US universities, 176 foreign universities, 5 federal and state government agencies, 36 private US companies and 11 foreign private companies have all been affected. Thousands of professors have been affected by this hacking operation and the information has been sold for profit. Much of the info they were after was expensive research not available in various countries. They used a tactic known as “password spraying” where they kept using common emails until they cracked the code.

3. Stefan Rigo
While some people might might hack your computer for credit card numbers or as apart of a government funded hacking operation, they might also want to hack you so they can watch you! A man from the UK, had an unquenchable addiction of hacking into people’s webcams and just watching them for 12 hours a day in some cases. Most of the people who he hacked were people that he knew like ex girlfriends, or facebook friends etc and he’d sit back relax and enjoy whatever show they put on. He surprisingly didn’t go to jail or anything and just got a slap on the wrist, but this is a serious privacy issue. Once the webcams get hacked, someone could essentially blackmail you if they saw you doing something you’re not supposed to be doing and then extortion becomes an issue. Many are reluctant to go to the police, knowing that intimate details of their lives could go viral.Just put some tape over your webcam and you’ll be fine.

2. Miss Teen USA Hacker
Imagine you’re just hanging out online and before you know it, someone is sending you naked photos of yourself telling you to pay up or else! That’s basically what happened to miss teen USA back in 2014. A guy who went to her school, Jared Abrahams was hacking webcams of anywhere from 150-200 people. People expected it to be some creepy old guy but Jared was about her age and in full creep mode. Jared knew what he was doing was wrong and if he didn’t start asking for money he might not have not gotten caught. He got 18 months for his 2 year hacking operation, terrorizing women and probably won’t be getting a date from Miss Teen USA anytime soon.

1. Nicolae Popescu
From what we’ve seen so far, this guy is the biggest cyber criminal on the run from the FBI despite him not trying to bring down the US government or anything. He is after your money and personal data. Up to 1 million dollars is going to be offered for information about his whereabouts and that’s much more than most people on the wanted criminals list. He ran a sophisticated network of fake advertisements where he’d sell items that were of a ridiculously good price! The only problem though is that most of the stuff he was trying to sell, didn’t actually exist and he next sent them anything! How could such a simple scam make so much money? People are gullible and stupid when they’re online and we all know this! Him and his eastern european buddies have started an online criminal enterprise are still at large. Although it might seem like an easy scam, they’ve gotten pretty sophisticated with the operation and have opened up us bank accounts with various identities from stolen passports and could be even using counterfeit notes! So watch out!

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